Lunar Photography - Documentation

Lunar Portfolio, a very clean and simple WordPress Plugin that automatically converts your photos to WooCommerce products. Some of the plugin’s strong points are: fully responsive grid, advanced admin panel (easy drag and drop interface), high performance on mobile devices, modern look & feel, clean and spacious design.

If you have any questions, please use the plugin's comment page. ( Contact ).

Author: jayc
Contact: SakuraPlugins
Author URL: SakuraPlugins
Item URL: Lunar
Current Version: 1.8.0
Documentation Version 1.0.0
Created: 2014-Nov-6
Modified: 2015-Oct-07

1. Plugin Install

Brief information about how to install your WordPress plugin from scratch

Unzip the main file (the file that you have downloaded when you have purchased the plugin). The plugin installer is 'plugin_name'.zip. - NOTE! - This is the only file that you should use to install the plugin.
NOTE! - The main zip file contains the installer and this documentation.

Log in to your Wordpress Admin Panel, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload. Upload the zip file that was discussed in the above topic.

Once you have uploaded the plugin, it automatically installs to your wordpress. Click the Activate button to activate it.
Please read the usage documentation below.

2. General Usage

Add content.

NOTE! If you would like to change the order of portfolio posts, you can use Post Type Order plugin.
NOTE! You can change settings and add custom CSS from Admin > Lunar > Options.
NOTE! Additionally you can find settings for each item on item's page.

Using Lunar without WooCommerce

1. Go to Admin> Lunar >New Album

2. Set up featured image from the right side (featured image is mandatory). Add images, you can change images order by drag and drop.

3. Choose album cover (featured image) width : 25%, 30%, 33%, 50%, 70%, 100%

4. Edit "Use video instead of preview image" as album cover. NOTE! Preview Image is still mandatory for sizing puroses. Preview video is a small self hosted video that would loop itself, creating a fancy effect on album's covers. In order to play on all browsers you should upload two files (a *.MP4 video with H264 video codec and a *.WEBM video)
5. Choose if video will play all time. NOTE! Playing video all time instead of playing it on hover. Web Performance Recommendation: Do not add too many "loop all time videos" since it's pretty heavy on browser memory.

6. Edit "Use custom URL redirect". Custom URL, will open the album to your custom URL instead of gallery's lightbox.

7. Edit "Is full width special album cover". NOTE! A "special album cover" fills the full width of the container (having the featured image on the left or on the right side). Choose image side below.

8. Edit custom excerpt. NOTE! Use the "Excerpt box" to add a small description for the album's cover.

9. Assign the post to a Lunar portfolio category.

10. Use the lunar shortcode (see shortcodes on plugin's option page).

Using Lunar to create WooCommerce products

NOTE! Go to Lunar > Options: set the required labels and allowed EXIF data.

1. Install WooCommerce plugin

2. Go to Admin> Lunar >New Album

3. Add images as bulk (you can change images order by drag and drop)

4. Click "Convert to product" button, assign a price and select a WooCommerce category (NOTE! Same price will be applied for all products, you can edit the price, title and description for each image later)

5. All image have been converted to WooCommerce products, save/update the post (In order to modify the price, title and description, hover over the thumbs and click Edit. You can also edit each product by going to Admin > Products)

6. Use the "lunar_woo_three_cols" and lunar_woo_two_cols to display the products. See shortcodes on plugin's option page

Below you can find screen-shoots and a video with the admin panel:

NOTE! Click on the image to see the full size

Admin showcase


Shortcodes allows you to easily add specific content on your website through the editor.
The following shortcodes are available:

Display all albums from categories. Add categories slug separated by commas. See example below
[lunar categories="web-design, graphics"]
Display all posts from WooCommerce categories as three columns. Add categories slug separated by commas.
[lunar_woo_three_cols categories="wedding, landscape" items_per_page="9"]
Display all posts from WooCommerce categories as two columns. Add categories slug separated by commas.
[lunar_woo_two_cols categories="wedding, landscape" items_per_page="9"]