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This documentation is to help you regarding install, set up & customization of the plugin. Please go through the documentation carefully to understand how this plugin works.


In order to work properly the plugin needs the following:

  1. WordPress 5.2.2+. Atlas it's built on top of WordPress as a plugin.

Plugin Install & setup #back to top

In order to use the plugin:

  1. Unzip the main file (the file that you have downloaded when you have purchased the plugin). The plugin installer is 'plugin_name'.zip.
  2. Log in to your Wordpress Admin Panel, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload. Upload the zip file that was discussed in the above topic.
  3. Once you have uploaded the plugin, it automatically installs to your WordPress instance. Click the Activate button to activate it.

Settings#back to top

Once you have installed the plugin head to settings (Admin > Atlas > Settings). Here you can set up permalinks structure, shortcodes, labels used in the frontend, choose frontend layout and much more.

NOTE!!! It's important that you choose the page where the shortcode it's placed. This is needed for both the navigation and search results. Ex: When in category view or single article frontend view Atlas needs to know the link to the knowledge base home. Also, search results will be displayed on the same page you placed the shortcode.

Layouts1#back to top

Currently, Atlas comes with two layouts: Startup Style and Intercom style. You can choose your desired layout from the settings page.

NOTE!!! Only the Startup style supports sidebars and widgets.

Labels #back to top

Set up all the labels that are shown within the frontend from the settings page > Labels tab.

Categories #back to top

NOTE!!! Currently, Atlas supports only one category level, we believe that's a better user experience for both frontend users and admin editors.

NOTE!!! Categories won't show up within the frontend if they have no article associated.

Categories do have three extra custom fields that are being used within the frontend (Color, Font Icon and Image).
NOTE!!! To use font icons with categories make sure you enable FontAwesome from the settings page, then go to FontAwesome, choose the icon you desire, then paste its CSS class within the category > icon custom field.

Sidebars & widgets #back to top

NOTE!!! Sidebars and widgets work with the Startup frontend style.

There are 4 Atlas sidebars available:

  1. Atlas - Article Sidebar ( shows on article single page )
  2. Atlas - Category Sidebar ( shows on Atlas category page )
  3. Atlas - Search Result Sidebar ( shows on Atlas search result list )
  4. Atlas - Home Sidebar ( shows on Atlas knowledge base home page )

There are 6 Atlas widgets available:

  1. Popular Articles
  2. Recently Updated
  3. Newest Articles
  4. Newest In Category
  5. Recently Updated In Category
  6. Recently Viewed

Customer satisfaction & performance #back to top

Identify your most popular articles by pageviews and ratings

Atlas captures customer satisfaction based on the user session. Satisfaction can be disappointed, neutral or happy.

Version History (Changelog) #back to top


                                        Version 1.0.0 - July 19th, 2019

                                        - first release